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​Partner Schools

In order to take part in the GOAL Line Program, students must be enrolled in one of the fourteen GOAL Line partner schools below. To enroll your child in one of these schools, please visit the school’s website, linked below.

Charter Schools

DPSCD Schools

​How does the Bus work?

The GOAL Line bus loop runs before and after school and makes stops at all fourteen of the GOAL Line partner schools in northwest Detroit. There is not cost for students to catch the GOAL Line bus at any of the designated stops and ride the bus to their school. Buses run in both directions around the loop, allowing students to take the fastest route to their school. 

If your student is participating in the afterschool program, they can also ride the bus to their afterschool enrichment, and to the stop closest to their home in the evening.  Although there is no fee for the bus only program, there is a $25/family/year enrollment fee for students participating in afterschool porgramming at NWAC.

Bus & Family Handbook


Who runs the GOAL Line program?
 The GOAL Line program is run by the Community Education Commission (CEC), a Detroit nonprofit dedicated to eliminating barriers that families face to accessing quality education in Detroit. The CEC partners with the City of Detroit, charter operators, Detroit Public Schools Community District, and many others to create the GOAL Line program.

How much does it cost for my child to ride the GOAL Line bus?

There is no cost for students to ride the GOAL Line bus. There is a $25 registration fee for the GOAL Line Afterschool Program at Northwest Activities Center.

Where will my child’s GOAL Line bus stop be located?There are 14 partner schools on the GOAL Line bus loop where the bus makes stops to pick up and drop off students. Parents can choose the partner school that is most convenient for them to have their student ride the GOAL Line bus. View the list of stops here. 
Can I drop my student off at the bus stop in the morning?

Parents who have students in grades K-5 must remain with their students until the bus arrives. Parents with middle school students, grades 6-8, may leave their students to wait for the bus to arrive.

Can my child get on at one partner school in the morning and be dropped off at another partner school bus stop after school?

Yes. Parent can choose different stops for their child to get on and/or off the bus.
Is Northwest Activities Center a bus stop for students who do not participate in the GOAL Line Afterschool Program?No. Only students enrolled in the afterschool program can exit the bus at NWAC.

If my child misses their designated bus in the morning, what should he/she do?

The GOAL Line bus service is a loop, with multiple buses running clockwise and counterclockwise. Parents should check the bus schedule to see when the next bus is scheduled to arrive that would get the student to school as soon as possible.

What do I do if I am running late and will not be there to meet the bus at my child’s drop off stop?

 Parents should call the Trinity Bus Terminal (313-292-2000) to let the bus know that they will not be there to meet their child. Students in grades K-5 will not be allowed off the bus without a parent/guardian there to meet them. Students will continue to ride the bus and parents can coordinate with the bus staff to determine where to meet the bus along the loop. If parents do not meet the bus before the end of the route, students will be taking to Safety Net. Multiple visits to Safety Net could result in a suspension from GOAL Line programming. 
Download the Family Handbook for more bus details
Who will be teaching my kids in the GOAL Line afterschool program?
 Nothing is more important to us than giving students the best experience possible. The CEC uses a rigorous selection process to identify high-quality enrichment partners with a proven track record of providing high-quality youth programming in Detroit. Enrichment partner staff must go through a State of Michigan Childcare Licensing background check prior to teaching students in the program. A list of partners can be seen here.
Can I pick up my child at Northwest Activities Center?
Yes, parents or an authorized contact can pick up a student at Northwest Activities Center at the end of programming. 
What is the cost of the afterschool program?
There is a $25 registration fee per family for the 2019-2020 afterschool program. Scholarships are available; please call the Community Education Commission at 313-224-1222.
How can I pay the $25 fee?During the registration process, you will be prompted to pay the $25 fee. We accept CashApp, PayPal, or money orders (in person drop off). More specific instructions are provided during registration. Please note only the afterschool program requires a fee. The bus loop is completely free.
Can I get a refund?Refunds will be issued prior to the start of program on September 23rd if students no longer want to participate or if they change schools. Refunds will be made the same way payment was received.

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​Afterschool Programming

Each day, GOAL Line Afterschool Students participate in a series of activities and enrichment classes that expand their creativity, help them build new skills, and support their social emotional learning. 

When students arrive on site, the YMCA youth aides work with students on homework, academic exercises, and various social emotional learning activities. From 5pm - 6pm, all GOAL Line students will participate in enrichment classes. Each class is offered two times per week (Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday).  

Classes rotate every nine weeks and are based on their grade level. On Fridays, all GOAL Line students participate in programming offered by The Manhood Project and other partners focused on student leadership.  

2019-2020 Enrichment Partners


A founding GOAL Line enrichment partner, the Wendy Hilliard program uses gymnastics to promote healthy lifestyles and fitness, as well as to teach life skills such as teamwork, time management, responsibility, and problem solving in a fun and interactive manner.   


The AccelerateKID program empowers youth to become innovators through entrepreneurship and technology education. Their unique programs help students learn computer coding while building 21st century skills like creative and critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. 


Through two programs, “Triple Play Healthy Habits” and “Power Hour”, BGCSM encourages youth to adopt healthy lifestyle choices and improve their academic abilities. Students build confidence and develop a growth mindset that helps them overcome obstacles they face in their daily lives. 

Martial Arts

A world champion martial arts school and youth development organization, Alkebu-lan Village teaches martial arts techniques that develop healthy bodies while building critical thinking and conflict resolution skills. 


A founding GOAL Line enrichment partner, College for Creative Studies offers hands-on art and design activities in that help students learn creativity, self-expression, self-reflection, observation, and hand-eye skills that are valuable for any career path they may choose. 

Technology & Innovation

The program immerses youth in state-of-the-art digital technology and reinforces critical STEM learning by teaching basic computer programming skills. Students are provided the tools to tinker, innovate, make, and explore in a safe and engaging environment. 

Self-Advocacy and Growth

Just Speak’s programming empowers young people with resiliency skills that help them cope with in-the-moment frustration and develop a core sense of self. Youth are immersed in a trauma-informed culture of healing that uses movement (such as yoga) as therapy and teaches personal empowerment and advocacy. 

NASA Programming

The Soaring Insight program engages youth in creative activities that heighten their awareness of STEM concepts using a NASA-based curriculum. Students work in small teams on group projects and may even have the opportunity to talk to NASA professionals! 


With a focus on creative youth development and arts education, Living Arts uses dance to encourage students not only to create, but to communicate their ideas, think critically about their work, and connect to the world around them.

Music & Poetry

Lyricist Society gives youth a creative outlet for authentic self-expression. Students learn methods for controlling the narrative about themselves and their community through music and poetry, while promoting achievement and exploring career paths in digital media.


Microworks helps students launch their very own businesses. Students will develop business plans, marketing strategies, computer skills, and entrepreneurship knowledge. Students also participate in Product Design Workshops where they learn to create and sell their product to community. 


YMCA uses cooking to help students learn new math and science concepts like fractions, units of measurement, and chemical changes. Each session is packed with interactive experiences to teach students skills needed when working with food. 


Parks and Recreation swim programming helps students learn to be safe in and around water. Students will develop water safety skills that prevent drowning in a fun, safe environment. Is your child enrolled in swimming? CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.


The Manhood Project provides high quality, structured, trauma-informed sessions that help students develop their own voice as leaders. Sessions are active, inclusive, and reflective, pushing students to develop their social-emotional skills. 

​Swimming with GOAL Line

Is your student enrolled in swimming? You must SIGN HERE before they can swim

GOAL Line Swimming FAQs

How many times a week will my student be swimming?Your student will be swimming one day a week based on which group they are in. A notification is sent home letting you know which day your child will be swimming.
What will my student need to swim?Swim suit, flip flops, towel, soap and a swim cap for long hair (both boys and girls).
Why does my student need soap? Your student will use the soap to remove any oils and dirt build up from the day before getting in the water so it does not affect the quality of the water. They can also remove chlorine after swimming is done.
Who will be with my student in the water? 3 Detroit Recreation Instructors will be in the water as well as 2 lifeguards on duty keeping watch and teaching your student. Students will also be accompanied by their YMCA Youth Leader to support transitions in and out of the pool. 
What if my student does not own a swim suit? If your child does not own a swim suit, they will not be able to participate in swimming until a the swim order is fulfilled. GOAL Line and the City of Detroit Parks and Rec department will be providing swim wear for students participating in the program. Please indicate the size of suit your student will need in the swim form sent home (or click here to download the form). 
What if my student owns a swim suit? Your student is welcome to use his/her own swim suit. Swim suit should be a one piece for girls and a basic trunk for boys. GOAL line and the City of Detroit Parks and Rec Department will be providing swim wear for students participating in the program.
Where will my student store all the swim items? Students will be taking their swim items home every day. 
What if my student forgets their swim suit for the day? No worries! Your student will be assigned a different enrichment for the day if they forget their suit.
Where will my student change into and out of a swim suit? GOAL line program has reserved the Northwest Activities Center locker rooms for the time the students are in and out of the pool. 
Will my student take a shower before or after? Yes. Students will be showering before and after swim class
Can I pick up my student early when s/he is swimming? Of course you can always pick up your child! With our swimming enrichment please provide additional time for the student to get dressed and out of their swim wear.
What if I do not want my student to swim?You will have the option to decline swim on the form sent home. We will then assign your student a different enrichment for those days.
Who will be in the locker room with my student? YMCA staff will be providing support for the students in the locker room to keep them safe. They will not help students get dressed. As a reminder all staff have gone through extensive background checks and have been cleared by the state of Michigan to work in our program.

Will my student be swimming in the deep end?

Students are initially taught in the shallow side the pool. Once they have mastered certain skills they will be performing exercises in the deep end of the pool supervised by the staff.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email or call 313-224-1222.